Caring for Your Teeth After Braces

Dental hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and gums. Getting braces is also a great tool to strengthen your teeth. Growing up, I was against the idea of taking care of my teeth and vowed that I would never get braces. To my surprise, I ended up getting braces in 2006 and wore them for four long years. I was astonished how much my teeth had changed and I walked away having more self-esteem and confidence.

It has now been three years since my braces were removed and I have realized not only the importance of dental hygiene but that it is also important to care for your teeth after braces. Unfortunately, I never wore my retainer and when I did finally decide to wear it routinely, it no longer fit because my teeth shifted. I am now seeing the negative effects that can happen when you don’t properly wear a retainer and care for your teeth.


Fastbraces technology is a revolutionary system that works to straighten teeth in just one stage.

Although I regularly brush my teeth every day, I am not satisfied with their overall appearance. It was my lack of understanding and education regarding caring for your teeth after braces. I am now considering getting braces once again to get my teeth back to the way they initially were after my braces were removed. Luckily, there is a new revolutionary system called FastBraces® that works to straighten teeth in just one stage. It also means less amounts of visits to the dentist/orthodontist and is affordable as well.

If you just finished wearing braces, don’t forget that taking care of your teeth doesn’t stop once you get them off. If you want to keep that new smile here are some tips on how to care for your teeth after braces.

  • Care for your gums
  • Schedule a dentist appointment
  • Whiten your teeth
  • Wear your retainer!

If you happen to be in my predicament and might have to back to wearing braces, don’t worry! FastBraces® technology is an easy and affordable way to getting those straight teeth back.

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You’re never too old for braces! The case for straight teeth


At Gateway Oaks Family Dentistry, some of our patients wonder if getting braces is right for them. Some people are deterred from straightening their teeth because of their age or the cost. Straight teeth are a long lasting investment that have more benefits than just a pretty smile, at any age. And with new technology, straightening your teeth can be fast and affordable. It is never too late to get the straight and healthy teeth you have always wanted.

Prevents Gum Disease
When teeth are aligned correctly, they are easier to clean around and in between. While teeth that are too spaced apart can get food debris and bacteria stuck in them, causing cavities and infected gums. This can also happen when teeth are also too close together or crowded. I guess you can say that there is a sweet space that teeth need to be aligned in for optimum cleaning potential. Being able to thoroughly clean teeth in important for preventing gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss.

Aligned teeth don’t chip-
Have you ever chipped a tooth from another tooth? OUCH! Having crowded teeth can cause stress on teeth which increases the chance of damage being caused to the structure of a tooth.

Straight teeth improve speech-
The lips, the teeth, and the tip of the tongue work with the palette to form sounds. It may not be obvious, but the tongue does use the teeth in speech, and if teeth are too far forward to too far back, this can have an effect on the forming of words.

Helps the digestive system-
Straight teeth are perfect for grinding and chewing food. Not being able to properly chew food can set your digestive system into overdrive, making your stomach and intestines have to work harder to break down the food you eat. The long term effects of bad digestion can be painful. Including problems such as indigestion, stomach ulcers and more. So, straight teeth equals a happy stomach.

Be confident in your smile-
Why do straight teeth look better and whiter? Because light reflects off of straight teeth evenly, this helps them appear white and healthy. While crooked teeth can appear dark and dull due to poor reflection of light.

Having confidence in a smile can equal up to confidence in oneself. And others catch on to the high self esteem and cool confidence a healthy, straight smile can bring. Let your smile be a reflection of you.Image

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