Use it or Lose it: Why You Should Maximize Your Dental Benefits

2014 is quickly approaching and that means there are only two more months left to maximize your dental benefits before they run out.

On December 31, 2013 you will lose any money or allotted cleanings if not used up. The cost of major dental work can easily be avoided by maintaining good oral hygiene and routine cleanings and treatment. Maximizing your dental benefits before the year ends allows you to get all of the necessary work done that is needed.

To find out if you have coverage available, contact your insurance company, or simply call us at (916) 649-0249.

Gateway Oaks Family Dentistry wants to ensure none of your money is wasted and all of our patients get the most out of their insurance. So why not call today to schedule an appointment and use all of your benefits for this year?

If you would like to learn more, please call us at Gateway Oaks Family Dentistry. Dr. Hoang Truong is a Sacramento Dentist serving patients in Sacramento, CA.

Not a Gateway Dental Patient?

No problem! If you are not a Gateway Dental patient, we invite you to come in before the year ends. We currently have a New Patient Special. The special includes an exam, x-ray for only $79!dental-insurance-end-of-year-2011

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