Oral Conscious Sedation – When fear and anxiety keep you from dental bliss

oral-conscious-sedation_Dentist-SacramentoIf you have had your wisdom teeth taken out you have experienced one form of sedation. However, conscious sedation is a more rare form that is now being used for basic to extensive dental procedures for anxious or fearful people.

Oral Sedation is a tool that trained dentists use to put anxiety-ridden patients at ease in a clean and comfortable environment; it is also a good option for those with time constraints.

One of our employees undergoes sedation. Watch it here.

Not just any ‘ole dentist can perform oral conscious sedation. Dentists are required to get special training and take special courses. The requirements for most states include a permit but few require the dental team itself to receive training.

The steps to oral conscious sedation are below. However, oral conscious sedation is not just for anxious and fearful people it is also perfect for hardworking individuals who cannot take more than one day off work for multiple dental procedures. Under sedation, the dentist will be able to keep your mouth open for an extensive period of time and since your pain tolerance is not an issue, the doctor will be able to complete multiple large procedures in one day. Appointments can last anywhere from 3 hours to 8 hours.

  1. The first step is to find a dental provider near you. Sedationcare.com can help you find a sedation provider in your zip code. When you are ready, you will call the provider and their sedation team will help you set up your initial appointment.
  2. At your first appointment you will receive a full set of x-rays and receive a full examination by the doctor. The doctor will want to take many photographs which can be invasive. But not to worry, these pictures will allow you to see exactly what the doctor is seeing so you are not in the dark about the condition of your oral health. The doctor may take you into a consultation room to go over your options as far as what needs to be addressed immediately and what can be done at another appointment.  You will fill out your paperwork and set up your payment arrangement.  Be prepared for lots and lots of paperwork.

On our next blog post we will complete the steps of oral sedation. Stay tuned!


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